What We Do

Programs & Services

Supported Employment Services


  • Work interests, abilities and history
  • Career goals and plans
  • Potential jobs that match the job seeker 's interests, abilities and career path
  • Current support people and systems

Discuss options:

  • Short term hands-on job exploration
  • Paid internship
  • Crew placement
  • Individual placement
  • Job coaching 
  • Educational and/or technical skills training
  • Softskills training
  • Transportation and accessibility

Put employment plan into action

To schedule an information meeting call Tim Alvarez at (209)955-1625 or email at talvarez@thearcsj.org.

Para programar una reunion de informacion llamada Tim Alvarez en (209)955-1625 o talvarez@thearcsj.org.  




Day Program Services

Adult Development Services

The Arc's adult development services are for adults with significant intellectual and physical disabilities requiring a high level of assistance with personal care, adult life skills development and communication.  


  • Daily living and communication skills assessment
  • Adaptive behavior assessment 
  • Individualized service plan design with input of individuals, family and regional center service coordinators
  • Day services:

                         - Adult life skills training

             - Social engagement activities designed for any level of communication

                     and physical ability

              - Assistance with meals and personal care

              - Community activities

               - Monitoring progress

To schedule an informational meeting call Mia Chatman-James at (209) 955-1625.